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Emsculpt NEO Aftercare: What to Do After Your Treatment

Emsculpt NEO Aftercare: What to Do After Your Treatment

Non Invasive body contouring procedures like Emsculpt NEO are highly popular. People love knowing they can shape their bodies without the risks associated with surgery. Emsculpt NEO also has little to no downtime. You can go back to work or return home immediately after treatment. Learn more about this treatment and what to expect from your Emsculpt NEO aftercare instructions.


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How Does Emsculpt NEO Work?

Emsculpt NEO uses two different types of energy to reduce fat while also toning muscle. The radiofrequency (RF) energy it emits helps to heat up unwanted fat cells. Once the fat cells heat to a certain temperature, they die. The body can then absorb them or eliminate them over time.

Emsculpt NEO also emits high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. This energy causes intense, involuntary muscle contractions in treated areas. These deep muscle contractions help strengthen, shape, and tone the muscles.

Emsculpt NEO’s combined muscle-building and fat-reducing effects help shape the body in remarkable ways. The treatment is safe and effective with a low risk of adverse effects. Follow your provider’s Emsculpt NEO aftercare instructions. Doing so will further reduce your risk of unwanted side effects.

How Is Emsculpt NEO Different From Emsculpt?

Emsculpt NEO is the new and improved version of the original Emsculpt. It builds on the best muscle-sculpting features of its predecessor. But it also adds RF treatment to help decrease fat cells in treated areas. Emsculpt NEO is the only body contouring device that combines the power of RF and HIFEM energy in one treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Emsculpt NEO Treatments?

Anyone who wants to build muscle, burn fat, and improve the shape of their body should consider Emsculpt NEO. This treatment offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • No need for incisions or general anesthetic
  • Can treat many different parts of the body including popular areas like the stomach and thighs
  • Provides a nonsurgical buttlift
  • Emsculpt NEO defines arms
  • Helps deliver a stronger and slimmer physique
  • Comes with a low risk of complications
  • Provides long-lasting and natural-looking fat reduction
  • Requires only about 30 minutes of your time per treatment

Emsculpt NEO has a high rate of patient satisfaction. Are you tired of trying one new extreme diet after another without being able to rid yourself of stubborn fat pockets? If so, this may be the ideal treatment for you. It’s a practically painless and highly effective body sculpting method that requires little to no downtime.

What Should I Know About Emsculpt NEO Aftercare?

This popular body sculpting procedure is noninvasive. But you still need to follow Emsculpt NEO aftercare instructions for the best results. Your provider will give you detailed post-procedural instructions to follow. In the meantime, here are some things you should do after your treatment:

  • Schedule a follow-up appointment to assess your results and set up future treatments as needed
  • Continue eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to maintain your results
  • Be patient and understand it will take up to three months to see the results of your treatment

It’s natural to experience muscle soreness after this procedure. Some people report that the day after their appointment, they feel as if they’ve just done a very vigorous workout. This is actually a good indication that the HIFEM energy portion of the treatment worked as intended. You may find that alternating between applying cold and hot packs to the affected areas may help relieve your muscle discomfort.

Even though Emsculpt NEO permanently rids the body of fat cells, that doesn’t mean patients should adopt unhealthy lifestyles. Remember that the remaining fat cells in your body can still become enlarged. Therefore, you need to continue exercising and eating right if you want to maintain your treatment results.

How Can I Prepare for My Emsculpt Appointment?

Due to the noninvasive nature of Emsculpt NEO treatment, there isn’t much you need to do to prepare for your appointment. However, we do recommend the following preparatory actions:

  • Stop eating at least two hours before your treatment
  • Stay well-hydrated by drinking two liters of water daily in the days leading up to your appointment
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely on the day of your appointment
  • Remove all electronic devices and metallic accessories prior to treatment
  • Notify us if you have any implanted electronics such as metallic IUDs, pacemakers, etc.

Another thing to be aware of is that smoking and alcohol consumption can affect the outcome of your treatment. Refrain from these substances in the days leading up to your appointment.

How Many Emsculpt NEO Treatments Do I Need?

Following Emsculpt NEO aftercare guidelines will help you get good results. But you should also follow treatment frequency recommendations. Most people need more than one treatment to get the results they want. We usually recommend at least four consecutive treatments. We provide customized treatment recommendations based on each patient’s needs.

We typically space treatment sessions apart by anywhere between five and 10 days. This allows any inflammation from previous treatments to resolve before the next appointment. You are not required to complete a full range of treatments. But there’s a reason we recommend multiple treatments. You may not receive the results you expect if you do not complete all treatment sessions as recommended.

How Fast Will I See Treatment Results?

Emsculpt NEO is valued for its ability to provide long-lasting body sculpting results. But the results are not immediate. Even if you follow Emsculpt NEO aftercare guidelines, it will take a few months to see your full treatment results. This is because it takes time for the body to rid itself of dead and damaged fat cells. It also takes time for the muscles to become toned and tight after they’re stimulated.

Schedule Emsculpt NEO Treatments

Here at Wellnessessity, we specialize in a variety of body-improving treatments. Emsculpt NEO is one of our most popular body sculpting options. We are proud to offer Emsculpt NEO in Wyckoff, NJ. In addition, we also have another location where we also proudly provide this noninvasive body contouring treatment in Closter, NJ.

Want to learn more about the process and what Emsculpt NEO aftercare instructions you should expect? We can answer any questions you may have. Schedule a consultation by calling us at 201-347-9599 (Wyckoff) or 201-564-7061 (Closter).


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Emsculpt NEO for Arms: A Complete Guide

A woman showing off her muscular arms.

Emsculpt NEO for Arms: A Complete Guide with Before & Afters

Emsculpt NEO for Arms: A Complete Guide with Before & Afters

Emsculpt NEO is a comprehensive muscle-building and fat-burning treatment available for some of the most problematic areas of the body—including the arms. The Emsculpt NEO machine can treat arms, thighs, and calves thanks to a smaller applicator. The original Emsculpt was first cleared for fat reduction and muscle stimulation in the abdomen and buttocks. Now, with technological advancements, the new Emsculpt NEO can treat and contour the arms using sophisticated equipment that emits both HIFEM and RF energy.

This Emsculpt NEO for arms guide covers everything you need to know about the popular treatment, how it works for the arms, and how it can not only define attractive muscles, but it can also burn off stubborn fat that often lingers on the upper arms. Emsculpt NEO is a comprehensive muscle-building and fat-burning treatment available for some of the most problematic areas of the body—including the arms. The Emsculpt NEO machine can treat arms, thighs, and calves thanks to a smaller applicator. The original Emsculpt was first cleared for fat reduction and muscle stimulation in the abdomen and buttocks. Now, with technological advancements, the new Emsculpt NEO can treat and contour the arms using sophisticated equipment that emits both HIFEM and RF energy.
This Emsculpt NEO for arms guide covers everything you need to know about the popular treatment, how it works for the arms, and how it can not only define attractive muscles, but it can also burn off stubborn fat that often lingers on the upper arms.


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Understanding Stubborn Upper Arm Fat

The arms are a typical problem area for most adults, mainly women. The type of fat that commonly gathers in the upper arms is hard to eliminate through diet and exercise alone as they are influenced by genetics, age, and hormonal changes. This means it can be challenging to lose weight, specifically in the upper arms.

In addition, it is almost nearly impossible to tone away fat in the arms. Building arm muscles with exercise can improve muscle strength and tone. However, if you have a buildup of excess fat cells in the upper arms, this will obscure your muscles.

Unfortunately, arm fat exercises or the idea that you can “spot reduce” fat is a myth. Therefore, there is ultimately no way to burn away upper arm fat and tone muscular biceps quickly or easily on your own.

Now, with EMsculpt NEO for arms, people struggling to tone attractive upper arms have a simple, safe solution. EMsculpt NEO targets both fat and muscle. So, while this treatment works to burn away resistant fat in the upper arms, it also builds strong, sexy muscles.

The Science Behind Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO is the newest advancement from BTL for muscle building AND fat reduction. This treatment builds off the original Emsculpt treatment using the same HIFEM energy but adds RF technology to make treating fat cells possible.

An image showing an Emsculpt NEO machine.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Define Muscles?

Emsculpt NEO uses patented High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy known as HIFEM. This energy stimulates powerful muscle contractions deep within the arm muscles. These contractions are called “supramaximal contractions” and are known as being superhuman as they are impossible to achieve through manual efforts. To put it into perspective, you would have to do 20,000 biceps or triceps curls to achieve the same level of muscle contractions delivered in a single Emsculpt NEO session. Treatments result in muscle building, strengthening, and toning unlike anything else available.

How Emsculpt NEO Reduces Upper Arm Fat with Radiofrequency Energy

During your Emsculpt NEO session, a technician places a single applicator over the arms. During your Emsculpting session, both HIFEM and RF energy emit from the applicator and penetrate the skin. The Radiofrequency energy essentially melts the stubborn fat cells in the arm, eliminating them from the body for good.

Weeks after your treatment, your body will gather the melted or destroyed fat cells in the arm. They are expelled from the body through the lymphatic system as a form of waste. Once removed from the body, those fat cells can never return. This is how Emsculpt NEO provides a long-term, lasting fat reduction in the arms.

What Does an Emsculpt NEO Treatment Feel Like?

Emsculpt NEO treatments are virtually painless. Patients can expect to feel intense but manageable muscle contractions and heating sensations. However, numbing cream or something similar is not required. The intensity is adjustable as well, depending on your specific arm goals and preferences. Emsculpt NEO arm treatments tend to last about 30 minutes. During the session, patients are free to lie down or relax until the Emsculpt treatment is over.

What to Expect After an Emsculpt NEO Arms Treatment

After your Emsculpt NEO for arms session, you can expect to feel tenderness in the upper arms. In addition, you may also feel muscle soreness on par with a strenuous workout in the gym. These feelings are both common and natural. The sensations will dissipate on their own within a few days after your treatment.

Aside from that, there are no side effects associated with Emsculpt NEO, and no downtime or recovery is required. You can resume your daily routine right after treatment with no restrictions.

What Are the Benefits of Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO benefits include:

Emsculpt NEO Arms Before and After Results*

The Emsculpt NEO arms before and after pics show real Emsculpt results from actual patients. As you can see, each patient achieves impressive improvements to their upper arms. These improvements include decreased stubborn fat, increased muscle mass, and a more toned look to the arm. As with any body-shaping treatment, results may vary.* However, each person achieves notable improvements to their physique after their Emsculpt NEO session.

Patients should always choose a reputable and experienced EMsculpt NEO provider to perform this procedure for the best outcome possible.

Emsculpt NEO for Arms FAQs

The exact number of Emsculpt treatments you need for the arms will vary depending on your specific goals and body.* Most people require four treatments, each scheduled two to three days apart. Occasionally, the initial series may involve six treatments. Schedule a consultation with the experts at Wellnessesity to learn how many Emsculpt NEO treatments you need on the arms to achieve optimal results.

Specific studies on the arms show that, on average, people see a 17.1% increase in muscle mass in the biceps, a 10.2% increase in the triceps, and a 12.8% decrease in arm fat.
As always, results will vary.*

Absolutely! If you want to achieve lean, toned, attractive arms, Emsculpt NEO is worth the money. This treatment helps you burn off the fat that typically obscured muscles while ALSO improving those muscles for all-over arm transformation.

You should not have Emsculpt NEO treatments on the arms if you have a pacemaker, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, or another electronic device implanted. In addition, you should not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Emsculpt Your Arms in New Jersey

If you want to learn more about Emsculpt NEO for the arms and experience this painless, non-surgical way to reduce arm fat and sculpt attractive biceps and triceps, contact the experts at Wellnessesity. We are proud to be the leading provider of Emsculpt NEO treatments in Wyckoff, NJ. We also offer Emsculpt NEO in Closter, NJ, at our second location.

Call us at Wyckoff (201) 347-9599 or Closter (201) 564-7061 to schedule your consultation and learn more about the many ways Emsculpt NEO can strengthen, tone, define, and improve your upper arms.


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Emsculpt Neo Vs Coolsculpting: Comparing The Top Body Contouring Treatments

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The search for a perfect solution to the body of your dreams seems as though it never ends. There is always something to try, a method you’re just learning about, or another obstacle that gets in the way. You’re not alone in feeling as though it’s near impossible to figure out what will work.

While many people try every diet imaginable and buy memberships to the gym, sometimes those are not even enough to change your physique. The truth is that our bodies are heavily dependent on genetics, gender, and hormones. No matter how much you diet and exercise, it sometimes won’t be enough to build washboard abs, burn off belly fat, or firm the skin.

Thankfully, there are perfect nonsurgical body contouring treatments capable of helping you achieve all that and much more. Read on to learn more about Emsculpt NEO and CoolSculpting.


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Emsculpt NEO is a nonsurgical contouring device that tightens skin, reduces stubborn fat, and sculpts attractive muscles achieving firmer, leaner upper arms, calves, thighs, abs, and glutes.

With high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy or HIFEM, Emsculpt NEO takes your workout to a higher level, offering the equivalent of 20,000 squats (or crunches, depending on your area of coverage) in one 30-minute session. Now, patients can choose to burn fat while building muscle at the same time.


Before deciding which service you prefer, let’s go through what happens to your body with Emsculpt in comparison to Emsculpt NEO. Both treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that tone, strengthen, and define the body so effectively that even the most dedicated gym-goers cannot achieve such results. And that’s after only one session. So, what sets the two apart?

As the next generation of fat-melting, muscle-building technology, Emsculpt NEO takes your results to a new level.

Emsculpt NEO is different from Emsculpt because it:

  •  Provides the equivalence of 4,000 more muscle contractions
  •  Includes Radio Frequency (RF) energy that directly kills fat
  •  Offers up to 11% more fat loss
  •  Results in permanent fat loss that is sustainable
  •  Increases muscle mass up to 9% more
  •  Boosts fat reduction for those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or lower

Taking all the benefits of the original Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO brings RF radiofrequency into the equation for results that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Perhaps best of all, Emsculpt NEO delivers flexibility in the areas that you want to target. Inner thighs, outer thighs, and other muscle groups that might have been too small in the past can now tone up. With the latest technology, Emsculpt NEO tightens skin for a longer period. While Emsculpt results typically last 6 months to a year, Emsculpt NEO results are maintainable for far longer with the proper dedication to your diet and exercise.


Since Emsculpt NEO combines RF with HIFEM technology, it requires more time between sessions for optimal results. There are also contraindications to the treatment, or circumstances that indicate patients should not use Emsculpt NEO, such as those with:

  • Electrical devices or implants, including pacemakers, defibrillators, and some intrauterine devices
  •  Pregnancy
  •  Lung diseases
  •  Injuries

It is also good to plan your treatments around menstruation, as Emsculpt NEO uses intense contractions, which can increase cramps and lead to a heavier flow.

At Wellnessesity, we recommend scheduling your treatments once every 7 days, with two to four sessions in total depending on your desired outcome. During your consultation, we will be happy to discuss the best plan to meet your needs.

An image showing an Emsculpt NEO machine.


The days of trying to target tricky areas with body contouring applicators that aren’t perfect fits are over. Instead, Emsculpt NEO uses several applicators for precise effects that reach new treatment areas. For example, the Edge Applicator gives patients 180-degree coverage to contour their natural curves. Deepening a V shape for men and highlighting the waist for women. In addition, it strengthens the core, relieves back pain, and helps with posture.


Reducing up to 30% body fat and increasing muscle mass by 25% over your lunch break might not have seemed feasible in the past, but today, it’s achievable. As the next generation in advanced muscle building without surgery, Emsculpt NEO is a safe option for your body. While regular exercise paired with a good diet remains the safest way to achieve body goals, it might not be feasible for everyone, leading the way to a scientifically proven body contouring method.


Another popular body contouring treatment is CoolSculpting. Much like Emsculpt, CoolSculpting is also a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. However, instead of using HIFEM and RF energy, CoolSculpting uses an advanced cooling technology called Cryolipolysis. Two Harvard scientists who realized fat cells could not withstand cold temperatures like skin cells or surrounding tissue, developed this extreme cooling.


During treatments, a technician places the proprietary CoolSculpting applicator over the area you wish to target. The cooling panels rapidly cool the targeted fat cells without harming your skin or tissue. During the cooling cycle, the fat cells are brought to the skin’s surface with a natural vacuum mechanism in the CoolSculpting machine. Once there, the advanced cooling eventually “freezes” the fat cell’s membrane. The membrane becomes very brittle and will eventually rupture. Once this occurs, the body naturally gathers those dead fat cells and processes them out of the body as a form of waste.

CoolSculpting vs. Emsculpt: Drawbacks

Every aesthetic treatment has a drawback, despite being non-surgical and non-invasive. While this is true for CoolSculpting, the same cannot be said for Emsculpt NEO. Emsculpt NEO is known for its high safety profile, no risks or severe side effects, and it produces incredible fat reduction and muscle-building results.

On the other hand, CoolSculpting has notable drawbacks. First, CoolSculpting is not known for being a comfortable and painless treatment. Most patients think the suction of the applicator is uncomfortable. In addition, patients have to undergo a massage of the treatment area immediately following the session, and most people describe this as unpleasant.

Moreover, CoolSculpting has more critical side effects. The most concerning is Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia. This may occur at the treatment site. This very rare risk is an infrequent reaction causing fat cells to grow larger and happens mostly in men.


So, Emsculpt NEO vs CoolSculpting? Which is the better option? As you search for the best treatment method that suits your needs, you will likely wonder about the difference between CoolSculpting and Emsculpt NEO. Both are FDA-cleared body contouring devices that require no surgery or recovery. However, depending on your specific needs, one may be a better choice.

With fat-freezing technology and a process known as Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting visibly reduces the fat that gathers in certain areas, like the hips, arms, and chin, to help smooth out stubborn areas. Authors of “Cryolipolysis for Noninvasive Body Contouring,” published in the journal of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, reported, “In clinical studies, cryolipolysis was shown to reduce subcutaneous fat at the treatment site by up to 25% after one treatment” with “improvements…seen in 86% of treated subjects.” These results take place several weeks after their session as the body metabolizes crystallized fat cells.

Emsculpt NEO similarly targets difficult fat areas to rapidly reduce them while building new muscle mass and defining muscle fibers. With revolutionary applicators, patients see strong, toned results within a few months. 30% fat reduction and 25% more muscle mass? No other treatment can match such dramatic results.


When you look closely at the results and the risks, it is clear to see why so many people prefer to contour and shape their body with Emsculpt. While CoolSculpting does produce effective fat reduction results, the risks, side effects, and treatment comfortability do not outweigh the benefits. For many people, this is the deciding factor when choosing between Emsculpt or CoolSculpting. If you want to learn more about both treatments, schedule a consultation with a provider to determine which body contouring treatment suits your body and aesthetic goals.


If you live in the Wyckoff or Closter, NJ, areas and want to learn more about these treatments and why so many people select Emsculpt, contact the specialists at Wellnessesity. We are proud to offer the new Emsculpt NEO in Wyckoff, NJ, and also at our Closer, NJ, location. Our caring team offers a relaxing environment and supportive treatments to unlock and maintain your body’s full potential. Get in touch today and start your journey toward wellness! Call us at Wyckoff (201) 347-9599 or Closter (201) 564-7061 to schedule your appointment now.


No, Emsculpt NEO targets core areas of the body. Many patients choose to indulge in the whole-body experience by adding EMface sessions to their Emsculpt NEO plan. EMface uses similar technology to provide a non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift.

Yes, like Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO is an FDA-cleared nonsurgical contouring device. This means that it has undergone rigorous examination to prove that the benefits outweigh any potential or known risks. And with minimal or no downtime after your treatment, you can easily squeeze in a session before getting back to your day.

Though it’s common to hear that there is no pain involved in the procedure, your muscles are contracting at a high rate. This might feel a little strange, as though you completed a challenging or intense workout that tires the muscles. Your provider will ensure that you are comfortable during and after your session.


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Effective Non-Surgical Butt Lift Options

Effective Non-Surgical Butt Lift Options

Effective Non-Surgical Butt Lift Options

Achieving a lifted, toned, and contoured butt can be challenging, especially without surgery. But the good news is, there are non-surgical options available to help you achieve your dream derriere. Let’s explore three effective solutions for a better-looking butt: Emsculpt NEO, Sculptra, and CoolTone. Learn about how each procedure works, its benefits, and the typical expected results.


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What Are the Top 3 Non-Surgical Butt Lift Procedures?

Traditional Brazilian butt lifts can dramatically transform a person’s look. But surgery isn’t for everyone. That’s why many patients flock to Emsculpt NEO, Sculptra, and CoolTone to enhance the appearance of their buttocks.

Emsculpt NEO is a popular non-surgical butt lift option that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to tone and lift the buttocks. The cutting-edge technology creates muscle contractions that are stronger and more intense than you can achieve through exercises at the gym. This results in a lifted and toned behind.

How It Works

Emsculpt works by delivering high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to the butt muscles. The energy stimulates involuntary muscle contractions, which strengthens and tones the muscles. Strong contractions create a metabolic effect, burning fat and contouring the butt for a lifted and defined appearance.1 In addition, the procedure is non-invasive, painless, and requires minimal downtime. Overall, it’s a convenient and effective option for enhancing your butt.

Treatment Benefits

Typical Results*

Our clients have achieved impressive results with Emsculpt NEO. After completing their custom treatment plans, they notice their butt looking more contoured, toned, and lifted. They also have less fat in the treatment area, contributing to a sculpted look. In addition, many patients enjoy improved definition and a more athletic appearance from behind, thanks to high-intensity muscle contractions.

When paired with a healthy and active lifestyle, Emsculpt NEO results are long-lasting. Most patients enjoy stunning results for at least six to twelve months. But like any beauty procedure, results may vary from person to person.* Several treatments may be necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

2. Sculptra

Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic injectable often used for butt enhancement. It works by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. This results in a gradual and natural-looking volume increase over time. Patients use this treatment to create a fuller and more rounded appearance.

How It Works

A trained specialist injects Sculptra into the buttock area, where it boosts collagen production and adds volume.2 Increased collagen in the body gives you perky buttocks without going under the knife.

Treatment Benefits

Typical Results

Sculptra results take time because your body needs time to produce collagen. You’ll notice improvement as this happens over time. Since everyone’s body reacts to the procedure differently, the timeline for results differs.

In general, it takes an average of six weeks for the body to create new collagen. However, once the full results show, most patients enjoy the stunning effects for two years or more.

3. CoolTone

CoolTone is an innovative body contouring treatment that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to enhance the buttocks. It uses high-intensity magnetic fields to trigger muscle contractions. This helps tighten and tone the butt muscles. Like Emsculpt NEO, patients enjoy a more lifted, contoured, and defined derriere.

How It Works

During a CoolTone session, a skilled specialist will place the device on your buttocks and activate it to produce high-intensity magnetic fields. These fields stimulate rigorous muscle contractions, which build strength in the muscles.

Patients can expect to feel an intense, pulsing sensation during the treatment. However, it’s generally well-tolerated, and there’s minimal downtime after. A typical CoolTone session lasts around 30 minutes, and you can return to your normal activities right after.

Treatment Benefits

Typical Results

After completing their prescribed treatment plans, patients observe a more lifted, toned, and contoured appearance in their butt area.3 CoolTone results are usually visible after several sessions. Improvement continues to show over two to four weeks, with full results at the six-week mark.

Exact results vary per person depending on factors like their overall health and lifestyle, their starting point, and the number of treatments received. We recommend repeating CoolTone treatments every three to six months for optimal results.

Keep in mind CoolTone isn’t a weight loss solution. However, those close to their goal weight can use it as a body contouring treatment to achieve a perky, attractive butt.

Which Butt Lift Treatment Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right butt lift treatment depends on numerous factors. Start by thinking about your personal goals, body type, and budget.

Let’s recap each of the three top non-surgical BBL treatments to help you make an informed decision:

Emsculpt NEO and CoolTone are similar in that they’re both non-invasive. However, Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, while CoolTone relies on Magnetic Muscle Stimulation to develop and tone butt muscles. Both are ideal for those who don’t want to deal with needles.

Sculptra stimulates your body’s natural collagen production to achieve a lifted and contoured appearance. Results are subtle and gradual. However, one of Sculptra’s drawbacks is it is an injectable. While it’s tolerable for most people, some may not feel comfortable injecting filler into their bodies.

The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to consult a qualified provider like Wellnessesity in New Jersey. Our specialists can assess your individual goals and needs. Then, you can pick the best solution to achieve the perfect butt with their guidance.

Non-Surgical BBL using Emsculpt NEO in NJ

Non-surgical BBL alternatives like Emsculpt NEO, Sculptra, and CoolTone offer a safe, effective, and convenient way to improve your butt’s appearance. Wellnessesity is proud to offer Emsculpt NEO body contouring treatments. Our specialists are ready to help you choose the right treatment for your goals.

Don’t settle for a less-than-perfect derriere. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling Closter (201) 564-7061 or Wyckoff (201) 347-9599. Begin your journey toward a more confident and contoured you!


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1. High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology (HIFEM) for Non-Invasive Buttock Lifting and Toning of Gluteal Muscles: A Multi-Center Efficacy and Safety Study, published in National Library of Medicine, Link
2. Collagen Stimulators in Body Applications: A Review Focused on Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), published in National Library of Medicine, Link