A woman Wellnessesity staff doing stretch therapy to a female client.


Regain mobility, relieve pain,
boost circulation & more

Regain mobility, relieve pain, boost circulation & more


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Stretch therapy, also known as fascial stretching or fascial stretch therapy, incorporates special techniques to help you regain mobility and relieve pain. It involves gentle movements, which help restore the range of motion in your body. It also boosts circulation in the areas that you may have injured or strained over time. Unlike traditional stretch therapy, it takes a holistic approach by tackling imbalances and restricted fascia. After stretch therapy, patients can move more freely.

Traditional stretching is not for everyone. If you have been thinking about stretch therapy as an alternative, visit Wellnessesity. We are the top provider of fascial stretching in Closter, New Jersey. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 201-564-7061. Learn about how stretch therapy works and how it can benefit you.


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  • Gentle and painless procedure

  • Controlled stretches

  • Long-lasting pain relief

  • Greater range of motion

  • Enhances posture

  • Boosts circulation

  • Relieves tension in the muscles

  • Promotes blood flow

  • Easy 30-minute sessions

Understanding Stretch Therapy

Fascia is the body’s system of connective tissue. It supports and suspends every organ, muscle, and cell within us. Thanks to the fascia, you can bend your arms and knees.

If you suffer from an injury, are confined to a wheelchair, or spend hours sitting every day at work, your fascia system may be compressed and shortened. This leads to decreased blood flow, which means nutrients do not get where they need to go as efficiently. Softer tissues start feeling stiffer over time. Since soft tissues exist everywhere under our skin, we start feeling pain in the body.

Stretch therapy helps by restoring balance and releasing tension within the connective tissue systems. After stretch therapy, patients can move freely and get pain relief. This form of therapy is perfect for people who are recovering from injury or surgery. But those who want to live a healthier lifestyle can also incorporate stretch therapy into their routine.

Stretch Therapy vs. Traditional Stretching

Traditional stretching may not work well for everyone. It can improve flexibility over time by lengthening the muscle fibers, but it can be painful. This is why so many men and women turn to stretch therapy instead. It utilizes gentle movements to improve range of motion and mobility. Unlike traditional forms of static stretching, stretch therapy accommodates each patient’s unique needs.

Your therapist considers postural issues, movement patterns, and range of motion limitations when devising a treatment plan. Other considerations include lifestyle, needs, goals, body type, and health history. The goal is to help patients move better without discomfort. Stretch therapy effectively increases circulation so that joints are well-lubricated. This allows for free movement without pain in the muscles and joints.

Since we customize stretch therapy sessions based on client needs and capabilities, results will vary from person to person.* But many people report feeling improvements within a few short weeks.


Fascial stretching breaks up scar tissue. In response, it increases your range of motion. This technique for stretching is often used to help people overcoming an injury regain their mobility and recovery at a faster rate. For example, if you have had foot surgery, fascia stretch therapy can help increase your recovery and mobility in the foot, so you heal quicker and feel better once you are back on your feet.


If you feel like you’re always dealing with a tight shoulder, or an imbalance on your left leg over the right, stretch therapy can reduce those issues. The overall aim of stretching the fascia is to alleviate tight muscles, reduce tension buildup, and help you avoid overcompensation so you can feel your best and move more freely.

Once your muscles balance out, you can perform at a higher level. This means running faster for longer or lifting heavier weights. Plus, the blood circulates through the health fascia better, making it easier for muscles to grow.

This is why so many professional athletes enjoy the benefits of fascial stretching. It allows them to recover faster and overcome muscle fatigue and tightness to perform at their highest level.


Wellnessesity is proud to offer stretch therapy in Closter, NJ. Residents in the area come to us for their wellness treatments. We conduct gentle stretches that provide optimal relief. After visiting us, our clients enjoy improved posture and movement capabilities.


If you have tried traditional stretching with no luck, consider stretch therapy. It treats muscle tension and pain while boosting mobility and flexibility. Try it for yourself at Wellnessesity in Closter, New Jersey. Get in touch by calling 201-564-7061 to book a free consultation. Discover how this holistic therapy can help you reclaim a pain-free, enjoyable life.


How much does Stretch Therapy cost in Closter, New Jersey?

The cost of fascial stretch therapy depends on numerous factors such as geographic location, patient’s chosen provider, type of treatment, number of sessions, package pricing, and any ongoing specials or deals.


If you want to find out how much stretch therapy will cost, get in touch with Wellnessesity in Closter, NJ. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 201-564-7061. Discuss your situation and needs, and we can provide an accurate price based on that.

How often should you do Fascia Stretching?

Recent studies say that rolling the fascia as regularly as posible, over an extended period of time, achieves sustainable results. It is a good plan to try to complete three fascia training sessions per week to see optimal results.

What kind of results do Fascia Stretch Therapy patients get?*

Stretch therapy is a hands-on treatment that reduces pain and stress, restores mobility, and improves the quality of life. It is a skill-sensitive procedure, so it is crucial to select an experienced therapy clinic like Wellnessesity. When you visit our clinic for stretch therapy, we will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific body needs.


We perform stretches in a controlled manner with gentle pressure so that they are effective but painless. After the session, you will be able to move better. Our certified therapists understand how frustrating joint injuries can be. So we make sure that every stretch feels great while increasing your range of motion. Just like with any therapeutic treatment, results differ per patient.*

What Does Fascial Stretching improve?

Stretch therapy can provide relief from the discomfort associated with various ailments:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  •  Inflammation
  •  Stiffness
  •  Tension
  •  Muscle spasms
  •  Posture issues
  •  Chronic pain
  •  Athletic injuries

Closter’s top-rated med spa, Wellnessesity, is dedicated to providing top-notch patient care. Depending on your needs, stretch therapy includes specific massage techniques and stretches. Our trained therapists account for your medical conditions and injuries when taking care of you.


Innovative Stretching:

30 min


1 session


Innovative Stretching:

60 min


1 session


Innovative Stretching:

90 min


1 session



Billy and the team at Wellnessesity are all great. Since working with him regularly, I’ve noticed improved flexibility and have significantly reduced my lower back pain. I also highly recommend cryotherapy treatments which feels amazing after a round of golf.
– Jared C.
I had an amazing experience at Wellnessesity! The vibe is beyond relaxing. The staff is extremely talented and kind. It’s a must spot for any and everything wellness related. I can’t wait for my next stretching & Emsculpt appointment!
– Danielle G.
I have struggled with neck pain for 10+ years. When Covid started, it got progressively worse due to all of the time sitting at my desk. After seeing a Chiro for over a year with no relief, I tried Wellnessesity. Within a few weeks, my pain was a lot more manageable, and now, if I visit on a regular basis, I have no pain at all. I am able to sleep through the night without waking up because I’m so uncomfortable, which has been a game changer for me. The staff are all lovely and very knowledgeable with relieving pain and suggesting activities to help (or avoid). Can’t say anything but great things …I only wish I could visit more often!

– Susan G.


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