A woman undergoing an Infrared Sauna at Wellnessesity.

Infrared Sauna

Look and feel better from the
inside out with direct heating

Look and feel better from the inside out with direct heating

Infrared Sauna in Wyckoff, NJ

In life, it is normal to feel stressed out, drained, and tired from time to time. While it is important to get plenty of sleep and exercise, sometimes our bodies need extra help in the form of natural healing. Infrared saunas are an excellent option for this. People with chronic health issues like fibromyalgia and arthritis get relief from infrared saunas. If you do not have health issues, you can still use infrared saunas to unwind and relax.

Infrared saunas do not only rid the body of toxins. They also boost overall well-being. For example, you can get better sleep after a long day at work. If you have been considering an infrared sauna session, visit Wellnessesity. We are the premier provider of this offering in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Call (201) 347-9599 to book a free consultation today. Discover how infrared saunas can provide natural healing benefits so that you can live better.


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Benefits of Infrared Sauna Treatment

  • Natural healing

  • Fights chronic pain and fatigue

  • Boosts immune system

  • Encourages better sleep

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increases blood flow to the brain

  • Reduces stress

  • Eliminates toxins in the body

  • Mitigates inflammation

Understanding How the Infrared Sauna Works

The infrared sauna is a natural way to detoxify and energize your body. Unlike traditional saunas, where you sit in front of an open fire, an infrared sauna uses a special light bulb that emits heat at a lower temperature. The effect is similar but without the harsh side effects of smoke on your lungs or toxic chemicals released into the air.

An infrared sauna uses infrared light to heat the air inside the sauna. It emits infrared light waves, a type of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. These light waves penetrate deeply into the body’s tissues to trigger detoxification. During this process, the body removes harmful chemicals through sweating.

Infrared energy works by penetrating deep into your muscles and tissues. It warms up those areas more efficiently than dry heat by only heating the skin’s surface. Many people prefer infrared saunas over traditional ones because they are gentler on sensitive skin types while providing many of the same benefits.

Learn What an Infrared Sauna Session Can Do for You

Infrared sauna sessions can work wonders for your wellness:

Fights Pain and Inflammation

Infrared heat penetrates deep into your skin, heating the muscle tissue, and increasing blood flow. As a result, you feel less pain and experience a greater range of motion.

Supports the Immune System

Studies have shown that infrared saunas may help increase the body’s production of white blood cells, which fight infection. They also boost antibody production, which protects against disease and viruses.

Detoxifies the Body

Infrared saunas remove toxins from the body, which can help improve various health issues like mental health, weight loss, and skin problems.

Improves Sleep

The heat from the infrared sauna prompts your body to relax and rest better at night. You will wake up feeling more refreshed than usual.

Rejuvenates the Skin

Since infrared saunas increase blood flow, they help the body remove toxins from your skin. You will notice a glowing complexion with a smooth texture and even tone when this happens. Infrared saunas also encourage collagen production, which is vital for healthy skin tissue. Patients who get regular infrared sauna sessions notice additional beauty benefits like tightened skin and reduced redness.

Select Wellnessesity for Infrared Sauna

Wellnessesity is a respectable provider of infrared sauna sessions in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Those residing in the area visit us for their wellness treatments. After their sessions, they feel rejuvenated and healed.

Infrared Sauna Near Me: Wyckoff, NJ

Infrared saunas are a great way to help your body heal from ailments without surgery. Infrared light is shown to be effective at reducing pain and inflammation. You do not have to be a professional athlete or an active person to reap the benefits. Whether you need pain relief or are getting back on track with your wellness goals, we can help you find the right sauna for your needs.

Ready to sleep well and decrease stress? Call Wellnessesity at (201) 347-9599 to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how infrared saunas can help you sustain a better quality of life.

Infrared Sauna FAQs

What Is the Cost of Infrared Sauna?

The cost of an infrared sauna session depends on various factors, such as geographic location, patient’s chosen clinic, number of sessions, provider’s ongoing specials, and package pricing.

If you are interested in detailed pricing information for infrared sauna sessions, get in touch with Wellnessesity. Book an initial consultation by calling (201) 347-9599.

What Kind of Results Will I Get from an Infrared Sauna Session?*

The results you get from an infrared sauna are unique to you. The frequency of use, length of time in the sauna, and temperature of the sauna can impact how well your body reacts to the treatment. Some people may experience immediate relief from inflammation and pain. Others might need a few weeks to notice improvement.

Get the best results from an infrared sauna by selecting a reputable clinic like Wellnessesity. Trained specialists can determine whether you are a good candidate. It is important to evaluate medical conditions to ensure you can use one safely.



Billy and the team at Wellnessesity are all great. Since working with him regularly, I’ve noticed improved flexibility and have significantly reduced my lower back pain. I also highly recommend cryotherapy treatments which feels amazing after a round of golf.
– Jared C.
I had an amazing experience at Wellnessesity! The vibe is beyond relaxing. The staff is extremely talented and kind. It’s a must spot for any and everything wellness related. I can’t wait for my next stretching & Emsculpt appointment!
– Danielle G.
I have struggled with neck pain for 10+ years. When Covid started, it got progressively worse due to all of the time sitting at my desk. After seeing a Chiro for over a year with no relief, I tried Wellnessesity. Within a few weeks, my pain was a lot more manageable, and now, if I visit on a regular basis, I have no pain at all. I am able to sleep through the night without waking up because I’m so uncomfortable, which has been a game changer for me. The staff are all lovely and very knowledgeable with relieving pain and suggesting activities to help (or avoid). Can’t say anything but great things …I only wish I could visit more often!
– Susan G.


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