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How Emsculpt NEO Tightens Skin

How Emsculpt NEO Tightens Skin

The search for a perfect solution to the body of your dreams seems as though it never ends. There is always something to try, a method you’re just learning about, or another obstacle that gets in the way. You’re not alone in feeling as though it’s near impossible to figure out what will work. But what does Emsculpt NEO do for you?

Emsculpt NEO is a nonsurgical contouring device that tightens skin, reduces stubborn fat, and sculpts attractive muscles achieving firmer, leaner upper arms, calves, thighs, abs, and glutes.

With high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy or HIFEM, Emsculpt NEO takes your workout to a higher level, offering the equivalent of 20,000 squats (or crunches, depending on your area of coverage) in one 30-minute session. Now, patients can choose to burn fat while building muscle at the same time.


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What is the Difference Between Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO?

Before deciding which service you prefer, let’s go through what happens to your body with Emsculpt in comparison to Emsculpt NEO. Both treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that tone, strengthen, and define the body so effectively that even the most dedicated gym-goers cannot achieve such results. And that’s after only one session. So, what sets the two apart?

As the next generation of fat-melting, muscle-building technology, Emsculpt NEO takes your results to a new level.

Emsculpt NEO is different from Emsculpt because it:

  •  Provides the equivalence of 4,000 more muscle contractions
  •  Includes Radio Frequency (RF) energy that directly kills fat
  •  Offers up to 11% more fat loss
  •  Results in permanent fat loss that is sustainable
  •  Increases muscle mass up to 9% more
  •  Boosts fat reduction for those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or lower

Taking all the benefits of the original Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO brings RF radiofrequency into the equation for results that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Perhaps best of all, Emsculpt NEO delivers flexibility in the areas that you want to target. Inner thighs, outer thighs, and other muscle groups that might have been too small in the past can now tone up. With the latest technology, Emsculpt NEO tightens skin for a longer period. While Emsculpt results typically last 6 months to a year, Emsculpt NEO results are maintainable for far longer with the proper dedication to your diet and exercise.

How Often Can You Do Emsculpt NEO Sessions?

Since Emsculpt NEO combines RF with HIFEM technology, it requires more time between sessions for optimal results. There are also contraindications to the treatment, or circumstances that indicate patients should not use Emsculpt NEO, such as those with:

  • Electrical devices or implants, including pacemakers, defibrillators, and some intrauterine devices
  •  Pregnancy
  •  Lung diseases
  •  Injuries

It is also good to plan your treatments around menstruation, as Emsculpt NEO uses intense contractions, which can increase cramps and lead to a heavier flow.

At Wellnessesity, we recommend scheduling your treatments once every 7 days, with two to four sessions in total depending on your desired outcome. During your consultation, we will be happy to discuss the best plan to meet your needs.

Is Emsculpt NEO Better Than CoolSculpting?

As you search for the best treatment method that suits your needs, you will likely wonder about the difference between CoolSculpting and Emsculpt NEO. Both are FDA-cleared body contouring devices that require no surgery or recovery. However, depending on your specific needs, one may be a better choice.

With fat-freezing technology and a process known as Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting visibly reduces the fat that gathers in certain areas, like the hips, arms, and chin, to help smooth out stubborn areas. Authors of “Cryolipolysis for Noninvasive Body Contouring,” published in the journal of Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, reported, “In clinical studies, cryolipolysis was shown to reduce subcutaneous fat at the treatment site by up to 25% after one treatment” with “improvements…seen in 86% of treated subjects.” These results take place several weeks after their session as the body metabolizes crystallized fat cells.

Emsculpt NEO similarly targets difficult fat areas to rapidly reduce them while building new muscle mass and defining muscle fibers. With revolutionary applicators, patients see strong, toned results within a few months. 30% fat reduction and 25% more muscle mass? No other treatment can match such dramatic results.

Applicators That Deliver Groundbreaking Improvements

The days of trying to target tricky areas with body contouring applicators that aren’t perfect fits are over. Instead, Emsculpt NEO uses several applicators for precise effects that reach new treatment areas. For example, the Edge Applicator gives patients 180-degree coverage to contour their natural curves. Deepening a V shape for men and highlighting the waist for women. In addition, it strengthens the core, relieves back pain, and helps with posture.

A Safer Fat Burning Option

Reducing up to 30% body fat and increasing muscle mass by 25% over your lunch break might not have seemed feasible in the past, but today, it’s achievable. As the next generation in advanced muscle building without surgery, Emsculpt NEO is a safe option for your body. While regular exercise paired with a good diet remains the safest way to achieve body goals, it might not be feasible for everyone, leading the way to a scientifically proven body contouring method.

Experience Lasting Body Contouring Services in Wyckoff & Closter

With Wellnessesity, you can create the happy, healthy, and strong life you deserve. Our caring team offers a relaxing environment and supportive treatments to unlock and maintain your body’s full potential. We are proud to offer the new Emsculpt NEO in Wyckoff, NJ, and also at our Closer, NJ, location. Get in touch today and start your journey toward wellness! Call us at Wyckoff (201) 347-9599 or Closter (201) 564-7061 to schedule your appointment now.

Emsculpt NEO FAQs

No, Emsculpt NEO targets core areas of the body. Many patients choose to indulge in the whole-body experience by adding EMface sessions to their Emsculpt NEO plan. EMface uses similar technology to provide a non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift.

Yes, like Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO is an FDA-cleared nonsurgical contouring device. This means that it has undergone rigorous examination to prove that the benefits outweigh any potential or known risks. And with minimal or no downtime after your treatment, you can easily squeeze in a session before getting back to your day.

Though it’s common to hear that there is no pain involved in the procedure, your muscles are contracting at a high rate. This might feel a little strange, as though you completed a challenging or intense workout that tires the muscles. Your provider will ensure that you are comfortable during and after your session.


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